International peace workers

Successful peace work: The Tuareg village of Sourgey-Gounto and the Songhai village of Borobon-Bongoro in Niger opened a shared school. Those present at the opening included the president of the Nigerien peace organisation Ridd-Fitila (left), the German ambassador (2nd from left), the mayor of Sourgey-Gounto (3rd from left) with an assistant (2nd from right), and an EIRENE coordinator (right).

EIRENE maintains long-term partnerships with organisations which engage, as we do, in a nonviolent and yet forceful struggle for justice and peace. National and international peace workers work together in joint projects, creating knowledge and structures which help to build positive peace.

Our peace work has long been, and continues to be, motivated by the desire to work on the development of alternative forms of political action which are nonviolent. Our work for peace takes the form of dedicated service in both the global South and the global North:

·        empowering people who face discrimination through structural or direct violence, in order to enable them to participate fully in society;

·        working directly together with, or in support of, partner organisations, other social actors, and individuals in their work for peace; and

·        realising social alternatives and visions.


We are looking for professional peace workers

Qualified professionals serve as peace workers in the Civil Peace Service (CPS) and other collaborative peace programmes. They have several years of professional experience and lead stable lives.

EIRENE prepares them individually for several years of living abroad. The preparation, which is partly in-house with EIRENE and partly in external education and training centres,  usually takes two to six months.

International peace work is a major challenge and is often carried out under difficult circumstances. It requires excellent social skills, the ability to tolerate high levels of frustration, and a high degree of flexibility and resilience.

EIRENE is the right place for anyone who wants to be professionally engaged in working for justice and peace.

Stellen Fachkräfte

Aktuelle Stellenausschreibungen zu unseren Projekten im ZFD und für den Fachkräfteeinsatz weltweit.

Requirements and Conditions

Find here the requirements and conditions needed to become an international peace worker.

Working at EIRENE

EIRENE welcomes people of all faiths and worldviews.

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