Invitation to the general assembly 2021

Dear members and friends,

We, the EIRENE-board cordially invites you to the EIRENE general assembly 2021. Unfortunately due to the Corona pandemic we will meet in a digital event. We will come together in a videoconference. You can join with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or your regular phone (but then only audio is possible). We are very sorry that hugs are still not possible.

#EIRENEvermisstdich (EIRENE is missing you)

Nonetheless we hope that personal and informative encounters will happen. We will build on the positive experiences we made with exchange and finding decisions during the last digital general assembly, thereby granting every member their right to participate actively and take part in joint decision making to the fullest.

The general assembly will be held on Pentecost Monday, 24 of May 2021 2-6:15 pm, with a festive evening program thereafter.

In a first programmatic part we will hear the experiences of volunteer service during the Corona pandemic. The year 2020 had many challenges for us. Within a couple of days only EIRENE had to call back all outging volunteers. At the end of their service a month later volunteers in Germany got stuck and could not return. How did the volunteers cope with these situations? We will hear volunteers' stories about evacuation and continuation of their service online. We will hear about new courage and new paths of those who unvoluntarily could not return. Digital methods have taken over in volunteer selection and in pedagogical accompaniment. Staff and volunteers will share how they met the EIRENE spirit online.

In the second part we will report about 2020 and answer to your questions. We already compiled the report. You can find in the download section bellow. The financial situation will be an important topic. The deficit in 2020 is much smaller than we did expect in autumn 2020, but still in 2021 we will have to deal with a deficit. We will inform you about our consolidation efforts and strategic changes. All members are welcome to participate in the process and to take decisions. You can find the agenda in the download section below.

We are looking for new people for the board. As you may have heard or seen: Within a short time the staff has become much more diverse. We want this to happen also in the board and in all of EIRENE. The upcoming elections to the board in 2022 are a good occasion for this. Are you interested to contribute to our lively association in that decisive way? Or do you know people you would like to see in that position? We will set up an electoral commission at the general assembly. It shall serve to the greater diversity of the board. The current board will invite again to an open session and has committed to practice more inclusive ways of cooperation. Are you interested to take part? You can join the electoral commission or run for board election in 2022 (unfortunately you can´t do both). You are warmly welcome! We miss you!

Information about the session:

If you are not familiar with Zoom, please use the technical support before the session starts. You will get support from 1.45 pm at the day of the general assembly. Please consider that two devices in the same room can lead to squeaking acoustic feedback. Please try to avoid this.

The transferral of votes is also possible in a digital gathering. Every participating member can only carry one other vote. Please contact possible persons, if you want to transfer your vote. And use the document for transferral of votes in the download section bellow.

We hope, that you will accept our invitation in large numbers. Below in the download section you will find all documents for the general assembly.

Please register until the 17 of May 2021 via nuudel or contact Samper directly under almagro [at] eirene [dot] org (subject: Einladung%20Mitgliederversammlung%202021) or via phone +492631/837936.

You are welcome and we are looking forward to your participation.

The EIRENE board


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Nachdem unsere Tochter als EIRENE-Freiwillige in Uganda war, war es wunderschön im Jahr darauf eine junge Frau aus Uganda in unsere Familie aufzunehmen. Das war sehr bereichernd für unsere Familie. Denn gegenseitiges Verständnis braucht Begegnungen!
Christiane Bals, Lehrerin
EIRENE gibt jungen Menschen Gelegenheit - ich wähle Worte von Papst Franziskus - , "Beschützer und nicht Räuber der Welt zu werden, Schönheit zu säen..., zu erkennen, dass wir zutiefst mit allen Geschöpfen verbunden sind auf dem Weg in Gottes unendliches Licht".
Johannes Meier, Professor für Katholische Theologie
Weltwärts mit EIRENE in Marokko – für unsere Tochter Thekla ein Jahr mit vielen Herausforderungen, vor allem aber mit Gewinn für ihre spätere berufliche Orientierung. In dem Projekt mit Geflüchteten wussten wir sie jederzeit gut aufgehoben und von den EIRENE-Fachkräften intensiv begleitet.
Tobias Schwab, Journalist
Heute ist es umso wichtiger, dass die ökumenische Friedensorganisation EIRENE das verkörpert, wofür die Friedensgöttin EIRENE 400 vor Christus stand: für einen Frieden als Basis von Wohlstand für alle; als Grundlage einer gerechten Gesellschaft; als Gegenmodell zu einer hochmilitarisierten Welt.
Wolfgang Kessler, 20 Jahre Chefredakteur von Publik-Forum, heute freier Publizist

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