Volunteers all over the world

EIRENE volunteers during a seminar in Nicaragua.

Voluntary Service with EIRENE

... broadens your horizons and enables you to transcend boundaries. You get to know new places, new cultures. And you get to support people and organisations in places where your support and commitment are needed. The tasks you are given may often seem insignificant. But what you do and how you do it can make a difference to the lives of the people around you. And you will be changed by your encounters with them.

As a volunteer, you are given space in which you can rise above yourself. We accompany you during the preparation process and throughout your term of service. And we reflect on your experiences together with you. We accompany you all the way, as you take each new step towards adapting to the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Voluntary service will not just be another stage in your career. Voluntary service confronts you with social and global injustice, makes you politically aware, and is likely to be a life-changing experience. A lot of volunteers get involved after their term of service as well, e.g. in opposing discrimination or overcoming violence. Voluntary service with EIRENE is service for peace.

EIRENE’s Christian roots are reflected in our name. But the organisation has seen itself as ecumenical in the broadest sense ever since it was founded. If you want to undertake peace service, you are welcome whatever your faith or worldview. At EIRENE no-one has to belong to a particular religion or demonstrate any kind of religious commitment. More information under “spiritual”

Become a Volunteer

Here you can apply for a volunteer service with EIRENE.

Countries for Volunteering

EIRENE volunteers are active in following countries: Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Cananda, Northirland, Marocco, Nicaragua, Rumania, Uganda and USA.

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