Working at EIRENE House

Practical solidarity: equal pay for all

The same salary rate applies to all posts at EIRENE, regardless of responsibility, role, or qualifications. In this way we give equal recognition to the contributions made by all our various colleagues to the success of the organisation as a whole.

There are only two levels of pay: entry level and loyalty level. After 3 years as an employee at EIRENE everyone moves to the loyalty level. The entry level salary is 3,155 euro before tax (as from July 2018). The loyalty level is based on salary group 9, level 4 of the TVöD-Bund (pay scale for federal public servants) and is currently 3,655 euro before tax (as from July 2018). Special allowances for families and carers are intended to eliminate social hardship. EIRENE pays contributions into the Evangelische Zusatzversorgungskasse (EZVK -  Protestant Supplementary Pension Fund) on behalf of employees, so that they have an occupational pension. These contributions are currently 5.2 percent of the salary.


Cooperative working and decision making

Everyone has their own area of responsibility, for which they themselves are responsible. This responsibility applies not only to the completion of tasks, but also to the quality of the work, including any cooperative work which may be necessary. Every member of staff is required to account regularly for the area of work for which they are responsible. Work is only monitored if the nature of the work means that mistakes are likely to be made. The purpose of monitoring is to ensure that our work is always of a high standard. At the same time, we foster active participation by employees (those who are involved) in relevant decision making processes, by inviting them to participate. Such participation normally happens in monthly meetings. Decisions are made by consensus. A manager may make a unilateral decision only when this is necessary to avert imminent harm being done. The manager must then account for his/her action without delay.

Sustainability at EIRENE House

The international office’s electricity supply comes from renewable sources. And we use sustainably produced office supplies. Lunch is prepared each day by members of a group of cooks from amongst the staff using organic and fair trade products.

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